Air Conditioners
Ed's Heating & Air will install your new air conditioner to manufacturers specifications.
99% of all air conditioning systems that leak refrigerant are leaking at the service valves. If you have one of these leaky systems and are tired of paying to charge it every 1-3 years, Ed will verify the leak(s) at the service valves, cut them out and solder in guage ports in place of them for $650 plus refrigerant cost.
Air conditioners are very simple systems. They are made up of very few components. A compressor, fan motor, capacitor and a contactor. The high voltage 220 volts is fed from the main electrical panel of your home to a disconect mounted on the house near the outdoor section of your air conditioning system called the condenser. This high voltage wire is run from the disconnect to the contactor in the condenser. This power awaits a low voltage signal sent from your thermostat down to the furnace and then out to the contactor that energizes a coil in the contactor that pulls the high voltage circut in. At this point the compressor and fan motor will turn on. Not many parts.
    Adding seer(seasonal energy efficiency ratio) usually adds more expensive motors and control boards that can increase repair costs to this very simple system. We can usually hit 16 seer without overdoing the complexity of the air conditioning system. In some cases the 16 seer air conditioner will require a furnace with an ecm motor to achieve 16 seer. This again will add a costly piece of equipment to repair in the long run, the  furnace with the ecm motor. Replacing the air conditioner by itself and not the furnace, limits the seer rating that can be achieved.
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